Dressing for your new weight

Celebrate success with confidence in your style.

Though it’s exhilarating to make progress in your weight loss journey, becoming truly comfortable in your new skin can take some time. it can also be a challenge to know how to dress with confidence, when you may have dressed to hide your body in the past.

Embracing this challenge can be liberating, though. especially when, for many people, being able to wear what they like is a major motivation for starting their weight loss journey.

On that note, it’s time to celebrate! we’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you to feel comfortable and confident in your new outfits.

1. Shopping for a new weight

When you start making real progress towards your goal, it’s exciting to be able to shop for new, smaller clothes. it can be an expensive exercise, though, and there are ways to be smart (and thrifty) as you update your wardrobe.

2. Wear your favourite colour

We’ve all got one – you know, that colour that never fails to get you compliments, the one you feel your most sparkly self in. your date night colour!if you’re stepping out of your comfort zone with the cut or style of your outfit, knowing that you’re wearing a shade that suits you will act as a natural confidence booster. plus, you’ll feel happier when you look in the mirror.

3. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your new form

Becoming healthier and progressing on your weight loss journey is inspirational, and we all know it’s not easy. stepping out in a new outfit style or shape is a chance to really celebrate and acknowledge your hard work, shaking off any self-doubt that may have been there before.if you’re drawn to wearing something an outfit that’s a little tighter, or a little shorter than usual, go for it! and most importantly, enjoy it.

4. Keep your style intact

While it can be liberating to wear something that your weight has held you back from in the past, the most important thing is to feel comfortable. there’s no need to squeeze into the tightest outfit you can find.be proud to flaunt your new form, but don’t feel you need to compromise your natural style.

5. Look out for quality essentials

When shopping, look out for quality, classic essentials that you can wear throughout your journey. t-shirt dresses, shirts and pants with a looser style are all pieces that can cover a few sizes.having a few favourite staples will come in handy as you continue towards your goal weight.

6. Go thrift shopping

Second-hand stores can have a great selection of vintage outfits, which will cost you a fraction of the price, and you can guarantee no one else will have it.it will also give you an opportunity to try on clothes of all styles and seasons as you get accustomed to the way your new body fits into them.

7. Don’t forget to document your success

Make sure to get some photos of you all dolled up, looking and feeling your best in your outfit. you can keep these for motivation as you continue towards (or maintain) your goal.often when we are dedicated to a mission, such as a journey towards health and weight loss, we can forget to pause and celebrate how far we have come. having fun with your fashion is a perfect opportunity to express yourself with confidence, and feel into the freedom that comes with better health.