I want it all now - how to be patient in your weight loss journey

Here’s a secret about weight loss progress (or success of any kind). It’s kinda like a marathon: a slow, steady pace can win the race. In a marathon, a runner takes 50-60,000 steps on average. Plus, there’s all the training beforehand. There’s probably millions of steps each runner takes before they set foot on the marathon course. That’s a lot of focused work, discipline and consistency!

It’s the same with your weight loss journey

Each day, you make time for exercise and mindfulness, you say no to that extra snack, you plan healthy meals and avoid temptation. These are the steps in your weight loss progress marathon!

Eventually, you’ll cross the finish line and achieve your weight loss goal.

But during the weight loss journey it can be easy to get frustrated. You want amazing results every week. You want that weight gone, especially for the family wedding or beach holiday coming up. But, just as in a marathon, you need to get the finish line and can’t stop half way through or expect good results without planning.

Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint

When you see the amazing Jenny Craig weight loss success stories, do you feel a bit impatient? We all wonder: ‘When is it going to be my turn?’ You see the before and after photos, but that’s not the whole story. There was plenty of hard work in between those photoshoots, and most likely several ups and downs too!

Daily repetition of good habits, and daily refusal of bad habits, leads to weight loss progress, and eventually; success!

Fast weight loss is not always best

When you’re feeling frustrated and you want the weight gone yesterday, remember that when it comes to your weight loss journey, slow and steady is often best. Even though it’s gradual, you can enjoy life while you lose weight. You’re not ‘hangry’ all the time. You’re setting up lifelong habits of health, instead yo-yo dieting and ruining your metabolism!

It’s easy to quit when you don’t see signs of success

Focus on those non-scale victories when you feel disheartened. Everyone suffers plateaus on their weight loss journey. Keep the faith: if you maintain your healthy habits even when it seems you aren’t succeeding, eventually you’ll be rewarded!

Each day you stick at it is another step in the weight loss progress marathon. The finish line seems too far in the distance, but it really is getting closer.

Take a long-term view

You might get bored by the process, and it’s may not be the most exciting thing each week. But if weight loss progress was easy, everyone would already be at their goal. But remember: the results are worth the hard work!

There’s not one person who’s featured in a success story who said the effort wasn’t worth it. In the meantime, keep at it, focus on non-scale victories and check in with your Jenny Craig Consultant to get even more tips to stay motivated on your weight loss journey.